System Safety and PRA Resources

This is a list of free handbooks, guides, and textbooks covering all of the tools of system safety and probabilistic risk assessment (PRA). To the best of my knowledge, all of the resources on this page are free and legal.

We have resources covering FMEA, FTA, PRA, System Safety, Software Safety, STAMP/STPA, GSN, and Bayesian methods. The resources are drawn from multiple industries, including automotive, nuclear, space, and aviation.

Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Ford FMEA Handbook

Bosch FMEA Handbook

Softrel Software FMEA Overview

U.S. Army FMECA Guide TM5-698-4

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

Bosch FTA Handbook

NUREG Fault Tree Handbook

NASA Fault Tree Handbook

Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)

NASA PRA Procedures Guide

BSEE PRA Procedures Guide for Offshore

NUREG PRA Procedures Guide Vol 1 / Vol 2

System Safety

NASA System Safety Handbook Vol 1 / Vol 2

FAA System Safety Handbook

MIL-STD-882E System Safety

Software Safety

NASA Software Safety Guidebook

NASA Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard

NASA Software Engineering Requirements

Joint Software Systems Safety Engineering Handbook

NATO AOP-52 Guidance on Software Safety

U.S. DOT Software Reliability: A Preliminary Handbook

NUREG 6463 Guidelines on Software Languages

MISRA C Guidelines – 2012

AUTOSAR Guidelines for the use of the C++14 language

Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering (Book)

Bayesian Methods

Bayesian Inference for NASA Probabilistic Risk and Reliability Analysis

Handbook of Parameter Estimation for Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Doing Bayesian Data Analysis (Book)

Learning Bayesian Networks (Book)

Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning (Book)


The STPA Handbook

Engineering a Safer World (Book)

Safety Cases and GSN

GSN Community Standard

UL 4600 (draft) Autonomous Systems Safety

Adelard Safety Case Development Manual (free registration)

Civil Aviation CAP 760 Guidance on Safety Cases

EAD Safety Case Guidance

Reliability Engineering

MIL-HDBK-338B Electronic Reliability Design Handbook

Probability Distributions Used in Reliability Engineering

Reliability Engineering by Kapur & Pecht (book)

More To Come…

That should keep you busy for a while! This page will be updated periodically with fun new stuff. Please leave a comment if there are any great resources I left off.

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