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In late 2016, I started a little blog called focused on functional safety for the chemical process industries per IEC 61511, aka Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). As of this week, we are starting to merge the two sites. All of the posts from have been migrated to Later this year, the domain will shut down (you can buy the domain!).

Why Should You Care?

Fair enough. If you are a regular FSE reader, you might be an automotive FuSa engineer, and you might be wondering if the SISEngineer content is worth your time. Honestly, some of it might not be relevant, but…

There is a lot to be learned by looking at safety across different industry perspectives. In my education and career, I have been exposed to safety concepts from chemicals, automotive, nuclear, and aerospace. While some of the SIS content may be industry-specific, consider that:

Other posts like SIS Survivability and Fire Safety and Fail Safe Regulators are pretty industry-specific and/or technology-specific, but maybe my automotive friends will still find them interesting.

Welcome SISEngineer Readers

With any luck, many of my beloved readers will find their way to FSE. For those readers, I hope you find the FSE site comfortingly familiar. To zoom in on only the IEC 61511 related posts, you can use the SIS category filter.

However, I offer you similar advice as above. Many of the FSE posts may be interesting to you as well, like:

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Why am I Doing This?

It was purely a twist of fate that I ended up with two separate blogs. This merger has been a long time coming.

FSE and SISEngineer belong together. Functional safety and system safety standards across industries have far more in common than separates them. Can’t we all just get along?

From a tactical perspective, it is also cheaper and easier to run a single blog. In a future post, I may talk about how I took advantage of this transition to improve FSE performance and make my job easier. (Spoiler: AWS is really cool)


I hope you enjoy the new merged site. Of course, feedback is welcome. We will be cleaning up a few things over the coming weeks, but please let me know if you run into any broken links.

There can be only one

Stephen Thomas, PE, CFSE
Stephen Thomas, PE, CFSE

Stephen is the founder and editor of He is a functional safety expert with over 26 years of experience.  He is currently a system safety engineer with a leading developer of autonomous vehicle technology. He is a member of the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 functional safety committees. He is a member of the non-profit CFSE Advisory Board advising the exida CFSE program. He is the Director of Education & Professional Development for the International System Safety Society and an associate editor for the Journal of System Safety.

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