17 Professional Development Courses for Under $200

Online education has come of age.  Online masters degrees are now commonplace, and even online bachelors degrees are beginning to be more widely accepted.  But let’s be honest, an online degree is a big commitment in terms of both time and money.  Many people may not be ready to make that commitment, but still want to enhance their skills, both professionally and personally.

With that in mind, today’s post will highlight 17 courses that meet the following criteria:

  1. Less than $200
  2. Less than 3 months time commitment
  3. Relevant to engineers skills (mostly!)

iMBA - 728x90

The advantages of individual development courses include:

  • The ability to demonstrate or develop a very specific skill (e.g. Python programming, Six Sigma)
  • The opportunity to “dip your toe in” to online education to see if you like it before making a commitment to a longer course of study.
  • Lower cost and time commitment than a online degree

To be fully transparent, the courses listed below are from our affiliate partner Ed2Goicon, but there are other providers of similar courses, including another of our affiliate partners, Coursera.


Certification doesn’t have to be expensive.  Earn your PMP and Six Sigma Yellow credentials with these courses.

“Hey, wait a minute.  That last one was $295.  That’s not under $200!”  I am counting it since it includes the certification exam in the cost of the course.  My blog, my rules! 🙂

Get Started in Data Science

Other providers offer full multi-course certifications in data science, but you can start off by sampling these offerings.

Security and Networking

Cyber security for industrial control systems is receiving increasing attention at both the corporate and national levels.  Are you prepared?

Be a Better Leader

Engineers are people too!  Develop the soft skills to help become a more effective leader.

Personal Finance

With all of your new skills, you will want to know how to invest your ridiculous new salary

As always, check out relevant books from the store.

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