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Uncertainty and Basic Bayesian Inference for SIS

In this first original video, we give a brief introduction to incorporating uncertainty into SIL calculations and how Bayesian inference can enable rational decision-making regarding SIS performance

Strategy, Tactics, and Tools for the Safety Lifecycle

In this webinar, learn how one manufacturing organization approached the challenge of implementing and complying with the ISA 61511 Safety Lifecycle in existing facilities by adopting new management practices and software tools.

Hierarchical Bayesian IEC 61511 Prior Use

If you are a member of AIChE/CCPS, then you can view this presentation in its entirety. If not, there is a preview available here. Be sure to read the entire paper!

Third Party Videos has grand plans to produce informative video content, but we haven't gotten around to it yet.  Because, you job.

In the mean time, we have scoured the Internet to find some other good videos to tide you over.  Videos are embedded per Youtube terms of use.  Where possible, we have provided links to the original video producers.

Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems - Paul Gruhn

Paul Gruhn, at the time with Rockwell and currently with AE Solutions, provides a short introduction to SIS.  Paul is a well known SIS author, speaker, and instructor.  He has been the longtime instructor of ISA courses in SIS, and is the 2018 President-elect of ISA.

SIS 101: The Basics of Functional Safety - exida

exida provides a brief introduction to functional safety.  exida is a leading provider of functional safety consulting services, product certification, and training.  They have produced a prodigious amount of high quality video content through their weekly webinars.

Safety Lifecycle Overview - Kenexis

Kenexis provides an introduction to the Safety Lifecycle.  Kenexis is an independent consulting engineering firm that provides services and engineering software for process hazards analysis, fire and gas mapping, and industrial cybersecurity.  Also of interest is their video on SIL Verification Equation Derivation.

SIS Training Modules

The PakTechPoint channel provides a variety of I&CS and SIS videos from various sources. Other SIS videos include:

Safety Requirements Specification

SIS Engineering and Design

Generic Data in SIS

SIL Calculation Examples

Accident Analysis Videos - U.S. CSB

This sample video covers a 2015 explosion.  The U.S. Chemical Safety Board is an independent federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents.  More videos are available in their Video Room.